To carry out our activities, we have extensive facilities of 1500 square meters at the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife distributed between a a warehouse and an exterior area located at the Dársena Pesquera.

We have in our facilities industrial machinery such us guillotines, hydraulic bending machines, bender cylinder, saws, electrical tapes, bridge crane, press, driling machines, lathes, milling machines, planers, industrial washing machine, hydraulic jacks of different tonnage, heavy tooling tools, cherry picker, etc.

We have a full stock of supplies with a wide range of common references in our sector in order to offer a complete service to all customers and provide the necessary materials even out of normal business hours.

In the next weeks we are inaugurating our new facilities in Granadilla Port, this way, Mercaflote will carry out projects in this new Port being near its customers.

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